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As a new student in our Aesthetics programs, you will be required to purchase a Student Kit and Uniforms. The NIMA New Student Kit is $1,000 which will be purchased directly from NIMA. Additional items may be ordered at cost.

What’s inside the Student Kit:
  • Milady’s Fundamentals & Advanced MindTap with Ingredient Dictionary
  • Color Science Makeup Kit
  • Glymed Kit & Binder
  • Mindset Book
  • NIMA Bag
  • NIMA Poppin Luxe Gel Pen
  • NIMA Tumbler, Metal Straw & Brush
  • NIMA Car Sticker
  • NIMA Pop Socket
  • 1 Jacket with NIMA Logo Embroidery
  • 25 Student Biz Cards & Perk Pass
  • 2 Student Name Tags

You will also need to purchase NIMA approved uniforms. We recommend purchasing at least two pairs to make sure you are wearing clean scrubs daily, and you will also need to order them far enough in advance to have them arrive in time for the first day of school. The scrubs are very comfortable and high quality.

The approved uniforms are as follows:

Brand name: FIGS

Approved Styles as of 1/1/2021:

Womens Tops in BLACK: 


Womens Bottoms in BLACK: 



Mens Tops in BLACK:


Mens Bottoms in BLACK: