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Why NIMA is the place to get a lash lift in Utah

Posted by Nima | April 18, 2021

The trends in make-up these days lies pretty heavily on the eyelashes. This makes sense because lashes really can make or break a look. But because lashes are such a big deal these days, there are so many places that you can go to and get a lash lift, lash tint, or lash extensions. So, how can you be sure which one is the right one? Well, we can’t speak for other lash lift places in Utah. But we can say that NIMA is definitely one of the top places (if not actually the top place) to get your lashes done. Especially if it’s a lash lift that you’re looking for. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Let’s talk a little bit about what NIMA has to offer in way of eyelash beauty.

What exactly is a lash lift?

Let’s start with a definition first. After all, not everyone knows all there is about eyelashes, so we want to be sure that a lash lift is what you’re looking for.

Our lashes grow pretty much straight out of our eyelids. This can sometimes block the eyes. While it doesn’t seem to affect our visibility, it doesn’t do much in the way of making the eyes look bigger or drawing attention to them. Some of us are lucky enough to have lashes that are naturally curly and curl upwards. This tends to have the effect of making the eyes look bigger and certainly draws more attention to them. But for most of us, it’s just the straight-out-of-the-eye eyelashes. That’s why eyelash curlers exist and why mascara brushes are round like that. The idea with those is that they lift and curl the eyelashes away from the eye.

But there are some problems with eyelash curlers and mascara. First is that they only last one day if you’re lucky. After a certain amount of time, the lashes just naturally uncurl and move back down. Plus, you don’t want to leave mascara on for too long otherwise your risk getting an infection in your eye. Not only that, but certain mascaras clump and make it very clear that you’re wearing mascara, making the “natural look” near impossible. Another issue is that the work of mascara and curlers tend to be undone by life. How many times have you rubbed your eye, forgetting you’re wearing make-up and smeared it all over your face? Isn’t it annoying? Plus, both of those methods take time. Not only that but they take time every day. You can, of course, skip it a day or two. But then you won’t have that lash lift that you’re looking for.

This is where cosmetic lash lifts come in. This treatment is often referred to as a “perm for your eyelashes.” It is a semi-permanent way to give your lashes that natural lift and curl that you’re looking for. It works by a technician curling your lashes using what is essentially a teeny tiny curling iron and a lifting agent. The treatment takes about an hour and lasts six to eight weeks (though it depends on how quickly your eyelashes grow). This mixture of a curl and lift makes your eyes look bigger and helps draw more attention to them.

Why does NIMA have the best lash lift in Utah?

There are so many reasons why NIMA is the place to get your lash lift in Utah. But for the sake of not wanting to ramble on for too long, we’ll only cover three of them.

The best beauty tech out there

The NIMA Institute is always on top of the latest and greatest in cosmetic technology. Our spa stays up to date on the latest techniques as well. So, you know you will always have a lash lift with the highest quality curling rods and lifting agents. There won’t be any worry about not getting your money’s worth when it comes to the equipment used.

Our spa is filled with experts

While we are an aesthetician school, our school is run by experts in their fields. This means that though your lash lift may be done by a student, that student will be taught and led by an expert in lashes. This means that the quality of your lash lift will be just as good as, if not better than, any other spa.

It’s the best bang for your buck

Because we are an aesthetician school, are prices are much lower than regular spas. We know that people don’t want to pay full price for something done as a learning exercise. So, we price accordingly. But don’t let those prices fool you. The quality of all of our treatments, especially our lash lifts, are the best you can find. This is due to the reasons listed above. We have the best equipment out there and our students are taught by the top professionals in each field. So, while you may not pay very much for your lash lift, you will still get the best quality service around.

We don’t just offer lash lifts. We also have our Deluxe Lash Life package. With this package you get our fantastic lash lift, but it also comes with a lash tint. Not all of us were blessed with dark lashes. So, if you need that little bit of a boost to help make your eyes pop, then this is the perfect package for you!

So, who has the best lash lift in Utah? Well, it’s pretty clear that it’s the NIMA Institute. Not only do we give you a fantastic lash lift because we work with the best tech and the best experts, but also because we give you the best price. Of course, you don’t have to stick with only the lash lift. Our spa offers a number of different fantastic services, all for great prices. It’s a great place to go for a girls’ day or a me day. One of our other services is CoolSculpting, learn more!