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NIMA Institute: the most comprehensive spa in SLC

Posted by Nima | February 15, 2021

There are a lot of different spas out there. Many of them claim to offer the most diverse range of treatments you can find. But we here at the NIMA Institute think that they may be exaggerating. Yes, they may offer a few different varieties of facials and messages, but rarely do you have as many options with them as you do here. This is because we’re not just a spa, we’re also a school. We train future aestheticians, so we make sure that there are as many different treatment and techniques to teach as possible, that way they can be prepared for whatever is thrown at them in their future jobs. This also means some good things for you. It means that you have a plethora of treatments to choose from, all for much more reasonable prices than anywhere else. That’s what makes us the most comprehensive spa in Salt Lake City. 


What treatments we offer 

But we’re not all talk. We want to show you what kind of treatments we offer at our SLC spa. So, here is a list of some of what we offer: 



Let’s start with our HydraFacials. This is an exfoliating process designed to gently unclog your pores using suction. It will leave your skin glowing and nice and moisturized. Of course, we also offer HydraFacial plus. This is essentially the same process, but with the addition of serums that are designed to give your skin a bit of a boost. 



This treatment is designed to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin on your face. It helps decrease wrinkles, pores, and fine lines. It can even help with reducing scars and stretch marks. On top of this you can also get a gel peel. That chemical peel helps improve your skin’s brightness and texture. Or you can get a Vitalize peel to go along with your Microneedling. That peel helps with acne and exfoliates the skin. We also offer a Rejuvenize peel with our Microneedling. With this peel you can see even more reduction in the lines on your face and even more improvement in the overall texture of your skin. 


Botox & Dysport 

You may already be familiar with Botox, as it’s a pretty well-known treatment, but we also offer Dysport, which is a similar processThey are injections that relax the movement of the muscles in your face, helping get rid of wrinkles temporarily. These results last for up to six months. The treatments are quick and don’t require any downtime. 


Dermal fillers 

We offer several different dermal fillers to help you with whatever you like. We do fillers for lips, jaws, and cheeks. We even offer dermal fillers for scar correction. No matter what you’re interested in, our skilled injectors will be able to offer you the best treatment possible. 



This is one of our most popular treatments here at the NIMA Institute. It is freezing away fat. While that sounds farfetched, it is actually quite effective. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than any of the surrounding tissue. This means that if you expose a fatty area to that temperature, it will kill the fat, but leave the surrounding areas alone. This treatment is quick, effective, and requires no downtime. Call for a free consultation here.


Sublime skin contouring 

Now, let’s talk about our many laser treatments, starting with Sublime skin contouring. This treatment is made to help you get rid of that saggy skin. The laser treatment heats up the skin and stimulates the cells. This causes a rejuvenation in the skin, firming it up.  


Venus skin contouring 

Another laser treatment that we offer is Venus skin contouring. This one, instead of perking up sagging skin, helps you get rid of that pesky cellulite. It uses radio frequency to reduce cellulite and wrinkles. It even tightens up the skin. 


IPL Photofacial 

Did you go tanning too much as a teenager with too little sunscreen and are now having to deal with sun damaged skin? Then IPL Photofacial could be a solution for you. It helps reduce the clarity of sunspots, freckles, and rosacea. 



This is yet another laser treatment that utilizes radio frequency technology. But this one is focused more on wrinkles in general, instead of cellulite. The heat in the skin created by the radio frequencies helps improve the texture and tone of your skin. It also may help with por and fine line reduction as well. 


Laser hair removal 

This is another treatment that you may have heard of before since it’s so popular. Laser hair removal is, of course, using a laser to safely get rid of unwanted hair for good. You won’t have to shave, wax, thread, or sugar scrub again after this. 


More facials 

We’ve briefly talked about some of the facials that we offer, but there are many, many more that you can choose from. Each is designed to be relaxing and effective in dealing with whatever skin concern you may have. The treatments are made to treat a number of different things ranging from acne to rosacea to signs of aging. 


Chemical peels 

We’ve also briefly touched on the types of chemical peels we offer in connection to our Microneedling. But we offer several more without it having to be part of a package or another treatment. Chemical peels are one of the best ways to get rid of signs of aging and can have a beneficial effect on your skin. These peels are safe and are made using natural ingredients. 


This list is just the beginning of what we offer at our SLC spa. These are some of the more advanced treatments, but we also have a number of different more tradition spa treatments, like messages, hot rocks, mud wraps, manicures, and pedicures. To see a full list, check out our spa menu page. If you’ve heard enough and are ready to set up an appoint, contact us. Why wait to get yourself the treatment you deserve at the best spa in SLC? We also offer lash lifts.