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Best SLC Spa: NIMA

Posted by Nima | May 14, 2021

We all love a good spa day. And we mean all of us, the girls, the guys, and the they/thems. It’s always nice to be able to sit back and relax after a long day of work or just because you feel like you deserve it. You know what? We think you deserve the best spa day. Most people read about NIMA and don’t realize that we have a spa. Indeed, the spa at NIMA is something to behold. Salt Lake City is one of the areas we get the most clients from. An SLC spa can be hard to find, and even harder to book out because of the denseness of the population here. The Spa at NIMA is located in South Jordan, so not too far away from the greatest spa day of your life! Okay, sure, this SLC spa is close to home. What are the other reasons to choose NIMA for your spa day? We offer a lot of different options when it comes to our services. Whether you want a simple spa day, like a pedicure or if you want to come out looking like a new person, NIMA is the place for you. Here, let us convince you! Keep reading to find out why we think we are the best SLC spa. 


Services: peeling time

One of our popular services is called chemical peels. Chemical peels can be used for various different reasons on the face. Everyone’s skin is different and therefore each person should get a different chemical peel. But why should you choose a chemical peel? A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing treatment, yes that means say goodbye to the skin you see and hello to the skin you want! Our chemical peels range from mild to intense. Some peels are too harsh for the sensitive skin, so we’ll guide you in your choice after seeing the skin you have. Chemical peels will not completely remove the unwanted scars on your face or wrinkles, or totally tighten sagging skin. However, they can improve the feeling and the look of them quite significantly. We all want to have radiant and glowing skin and a chemical peel may be able to help improve some of the luster you want. Chemical peels aren’t for everyone, like we said before, unfortunately, folks that have extremely sensitive skin should consider a different type of treatment to ensure that they won’t get any negative reactions. 


We have peels that help brighten the skin, help with hyperpigmentation, help reduce the look of scars. We have chemical peels that offer a smoother texture of the skin, antioxidant peels, and peels that help fine lines and wrinkles appear less. Again, peels aren’t for everyone, but for those that will react well to the peel, they will want to add a chemical peel from NIMA into their next spa day. You won’t regret it! 


If you’re feeling like a chemical peel is too harsh, you can also try one of our many facials. These are less intense and will still leave you with the glow you’ve been looking for. 


Enough about your face. What about your rockin ‘body? 


Services: body treatments

Your body deserves some loving too, right? Here at NIMA we offer quite a few different body services. Here are some examples of the body treatments we are talking about: 


Sugar Body Polish: Dry skin can be such a bother and we know that the most here in good ole SLC. Applying moisturizer in the Winter here seems impossible, right? We get it. So, we’ll help you get rid of that dead skin to show the glowing skin underneath. Our exfoliating polish first cleanses and invigorated the skin then leaves it feeling glowing and smoother than you can believe. After we polish your body, we use a moisturizer to make sure to add the hydration back with a refreshing moisturizer. You’ll walk out of our SLC spa feeling ready to take anything on.


M’Lis Cellulite Wrap: Ah, yes Cellulite. We understand that it is totally natural. Some waste and toxins get trapped in these areas and tissues of the body that then make cellulite. Cellulite won’t hurt anyone, but if it is something that you have an insecurity with look no further! You need to live with cellulite forever.  Our whole-body treatment of niacin and natural ingredients helps to stop and then reverse the way that cellulite forms in these areas.  It does this by helping get the body’s natural lymph elimination functions moving and getting rid of your insecurity!


These are just a couple of the whole-body treatments that we offer. There are some that help with back-acne, other body blemishes, a body treatment to help detoxify, and we even offer a hot stone therapy to make sure you’re at max relaxation. 


Services: CoolSculpting, you’ll want to keep reading

What is CoolSculpting? We’re so glad you asked. CoolSculpting is a new innovative way to get rid of stubborn areas of fat. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that gets rid of fat cells throughout a few months. CoolSculpting is the only Food and Drug Administration approved fat removal treatment! CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells in areas where you just can’t seem to get rid of unwanted weight. After a few sessions (sessions vary by area and how many fat cells need to be frozen) your body will remove the fat cells naturally. While this is not the most basic treatment to get during a spa day, we wanted to show you that we have almost everything you could need in a SLC spa and more!


Here at NIMA we want our clients to feel their very best in any way possible. That’s why we have such a large variety of services for you to choose from. From waxing to laser skin rejuvenation to Botox injections. We want you to be the best version of you while giving you a high-quality treatment. Check out our spa services here— we offer lash lifts. We hope to see you soon!