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Lickety-Split Laser Hair Removal

Posted by Nima | July 2, 2021

Life goes by fast; we understand that more than other businesses. Your life is face-paced and so is our business. There are new treatments in aesthetics that are popping up every day. While we try to hold the reins on our staff and introduce new innovative technologies to our spa and our institute, your life is never on hold. And we don’t want to take any time out of your schedule unless you want us to. So, what does this have to do with laser hair removal? Well, let us explain. Besides deep washing your hair or attempting to give yourself a scalp massage, what is the one thing that takes the longest amount of time to do in your shower routine? Yep, you guessed it! Shaving. Shaving can take far too long if you ask us. So, perhaps taking it out of your daily routine will give you a bit more time to do other tasks. But how? We’re glad you asked.

Laser Hair Removal: What is it?

Laser hair removal is an alternative to other hair removal treatments such as shaving (ugh), waxing (ouch), hair removal creams (smells weird), etc. We use the laser to pinpoint the hair follicles that we want to get rid of. By getting rid of the hair follicle, you destroy the hair. If there is no place for the hair to grow from, no hair.  Of course, each hair follicle is different so that’s why we make multiple appointments to ensure that all of the hair follicles you want gone are gone! Now that you know a little more about laser hair removal, here are a few common questions we get asked regarding the treatment:

  • Where can I get laser hair removal done? – Where do you grow dark hair? That’s where laser hair removal can be done. We have many clients that ask if it’s safe to use on the face. That answer remains a solid yes! Many clients of ours get treatments on their upper lip, chin, eyebrows, or even sideburns. Laser hair removal can be done on the legs, back, bikini areas, arms, stomach, or underarms. Those who have decided to decorate their body tattoos should consider areas the tattoos aren’t covering as laser hair removal can damage them. So, basically, if you want laser hair removal done in an area, it’s likely that we can get rid of that hair!
  • What is the number of treatments I’ll need? – Everyone has different hair follicles and therefore the number of treatments needed will vary. To get at least 70-90% permanent hair removal, we usually recommend about eight to twelve sessions. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll be able to give you a better estimate based on the area you want done and how well we think it will take to laser hair removal.
  • Is it safe? – Yes, laser hair removal is safe. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment aka there is no poking or prodding under the skin … only lasers. Because of the non-invasiveness of the treatment, it has a low risk of negative reactions. When performed by highly trained specialists (like us at NIMA) the side effects from it are fairly uncommon.
  • How long does the treatment last? – This hair removal treatment can be a permanent treatment. However, the permanence of laser hair removal depends on whether or not the hair follicle is destroyed completely. If the hair follicle is 100% destroyed the treatment will last a lifetime. But if the hair follicle has only been damaged the hair in the treated area will eventually grow back. When a client undergoes six to eight laser hair removal treatments, they may be able to enjoy hardly any hair regrowth for about a year. If you see regrowth in the treated area between six to twelve months a touch-up treatment appointment can be scheduled to help manage the regrowth.
  • How long does laser hair removal take? – This answer to this question will vary by which area/areas you are getting the laser hair removal on. Most areas will take about 20 minutes or less to complete. However, your appointment time will vary depending on how many body areas we are lasering that day. So, if we’re treating two or more areas your appointment will last longer than the 20 minutes.
  • Does it hurt? – Everyone has a different pain tolerance, right? Some people get tattoos for fun others wince away at the thought of the flu shot. So, this will all depend on your state of mind and what other treatments you’ve done. If you used to get waxed often, this may seem like a walk in the park. Most of our clients say that laser hair removal feels like small pin pricks over and over again. Each time you come in to get a session the pin prick feeling will lessen, and you’ll be more comfortable. If you are a bit more sensitive than most, our technicians can apply a topical numbing cream to help ease the discomfort. No one said ‘beauty isn’t pain’ but we’ll try to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.
  • Are there side effects I should be worried about? – Although laser hair removal is generally safe and doesn’t usually cause harsh side effects, there are some to look out for. Some side effects you may experience after it are redness, crusting of the skin, or small changes in skin color on the area that was treated. Some people may experience these side effects of laser hair removal while others do not. Either way, keep in mind that these are minor and temporary.

Quick and easy

Body/facial hair is nothing to be embarrassed about but, if you’re like us and want to be smooth all the time, perhaps laser hair removal is for you. We want you to have the best and most educated experience possible here at NIMA. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call! Check out our spa menu for other treatments, such as lash lifts.