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Top Esthetic Schools in Utah

Posted by Nima | August 20, 2021

When you’re considering a future career in the beauty industry, you may be doing research as to what you want to pursue! Possible options include cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and more. If your passion is in esthetics, you will need the necessary tools to gain new skills, stay competitive in the beauty industry, and offer more services to future clients. Utah has a number of options for cosmetology schools but only has a handful that specialize in esthetics. By attending a top esthetic school in Utah, you will be able to obtain the skills necessary to achieve your goal of being an established esthetician. 

Esthetics, in more technical terms, refers to the application of various techniques to the epidermal layer of the human body. The practice of esthetics covers a wide array of techniques that may include (but certainly is not limited to) steaming, waxing, extraction, chemical peels, and pore cleansing. Esthetics also includes training in skin care, makeup application, hair removal and body treatments. Overall, esthiology is the practice of making people feel well again, starting with the skin and working into their self confidence. It has become an art and a science to help other’s embrace their glow which is why many are eager to start their journey into esthetics. 

In order to become a licensed esthetician, you’ll have to complete an esthetician training course, submit proof of training, take and pass the required exams, and pay a license fee. Since an esthetician serves as a guide in the confusing world of beauty and skin care, it is important to go through the necessary steps to get licensed. The good news is, there are a number of esthetic schools in Utah that provide the courses needed to become a qualified esthetician. Since there are so many esthetic schools in Utah, we’ve chosen a few that you might be interested in. 

  1. Want to join a nationally accredited esthetic school in Utah? NIMA Institute is the place for you! Become a licensed esthetician with NIMA’s multiple programs including Utah’s 1200 Hour Master Esthetics or Utah’s 750 Hours Master Esthetics. Another great perk about NIMA is that they also offer online classes for students all over the nation. NIMA’s full curriculum will prepare you for your career in the beauty industry. NIMA Institute teaches business building that can help aid your new esthetics career in becoming not only personally fulfilling, but increasingly profitable as well. Many choose NIMA over other schools due to its reputation and world-class training. 
  2. At Avalon Institute, they have been educating students in the future of beauty since 1967. They have a philosophy based on passion and drive surrounding the beauty industry. It’s important at Avalon that the instructors get to know each student and how to best encourage and support them as individuals. Avalon often partners with MAC and Dermalogica so that students are given a first hand experience with high-end products. If you love skincare and are driven to impact the future of beauty, you’ll fit right in at Avalon Institute.
  3. Another great esthetic school opportunity is at Skinworks, located in South Salt Lake City. Skinworks has been specializing in growing the future of basic and master estheticians since 1995. At Skinworks students are offered education in both the medical and laser side of skincare as well as the spa world. If you’re interested in gaining real world experience, Skinworks is right for you.

There are several great opportunities out there in the esthetics industry, let NIMA Institute show you the way. See what opportunities NIMA can offer you, visit our website to learn more about our competitive programs and top 10 reasons to attend NIMA.