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Advanced Waxing Courses at Nima

Posted by Nima | January 15, 2022

What to expect while taking advanced waxing courses at Nima

Waxing is a must-have at every spa, salon, and resort. The sooner you finish the job, the happier your customers will be and the more money you’ll make. The Advanced Waxing course at NIMA focuses on waxing quickly and comfortably. You’ll learn how to keep a client comfortable while waxing in less than 15 min. The kit for the waxing course costs $150 and includes everything you’ll need to begin offering services. This course is ideal for individuals who have already mastered the fundamentals of waxing but who are licensed to perform this procedure in their state. The following licenses are common: ME, RN, PA, APRN, MD, DO.

The more advanced waxing courses are all taught with a real model. The Brazilian shaping and technique, Manzilian method, and professional drapery technique will be shown. Manzilian may only be seen as a demonstration. To reserve a hands-on model, students are urged to contact the course director.

The objective of the advanced waxing courses:

  • Increase Overall Service Speed
  • Pre/Post Care Procedures
  • Client Compliance and Retention
  • Disinfection & Safety
  • Decrease Client Discomfort

The agenda for the advanced waxing courses:

  • Theory
  • Demo: Female Brazilian
  • Lunch Q & A
  • Model Treatment
  • Demo: Male Chest/Back
  • Model Treatments
  • Demo: Male Brazilian
  • Model Treatments
  • Q & A

The course will take 8 hours and 1 day to complete. Tuition costs for advanced waxing courses are $600 and kit value is $150. The school does provide tuition discounts and course bundles.

If you are wondering if going to Esthetician School is right for you?

Is it even worth going to Esthetician school and taking advanced waxing courses?If you adore skincare and are the friend who everyone calls when they’re thinking about a new product or want to know what’s new in the skincare world. You might characterize your enthusiasm for skincare as such that you are considering making it your career.

The first step towards a career as a skincare expert is often to finish an esthetician training program. Learn more about what you may anticipate in an esthetician program and whether it’s the job move you want to take if you’re interested in pursuing a career as an esthetician.

What Estheticians Do

Estheticians treat their clients, examining their skin and offering suggestions for ways to improve it. An esthetician is often capable of performing a variety of skin care procedures, such as facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Estheticians also suggest skincare products to their customers. Many receive a commission for goods they propose. Esthetician training programs frequently concentrate on the use of a specific brand of product, such as dermatological.

Many estheticians, in addition to treating skin issues and selling skincare products to their customers, also remove hair. Waxing, threading, or tweezing are used to get rid of undesirable hair or shape and groom hair in specific regions of the body, such as the eyebrows.

What You’ll Learn in Esthetician School

There are some talents that you’ll gain from an esthetician training program, such as an interest in skincare and good grooming techniques, but there are others that you’ll acquire.

You’ll study about chemical peels and microdermabrasion, as well as facials and other spa treatments, as well as hair removal wax. You’ll learn how to utilize a facial and various spa therapies, such as microcurrent treatments. You’ll also understand how to evaluate a client’s skin in order to offer the best treatment suggestions

Although skincare expertise is an important component to being an esthetician, so is entrepreneurship. A top-notch esthetician school will also teach you the business skills you’ll need to be successful as a skin care specialist. You’ll discover how to deal with clients, such as greeting them when they arrive for appointments and convincing them to buy from you (without feeling pressure). You’ll learn how to schedule client appointments and get people to return for future bookings.

Do You Need to Go to School to Become an Esthetician?

In most states, becoming an esthetician requires completion of a training program. Before you may take a state licensing exam, most schools require students to complete a program. You must first acquire a license before hiring you as an esthetician in the skincare industry.

What Sort of Career Can You Expect as an Esthetician?

Estheticians and skincare specialists will have a bright future. The number of job possibilities for estheticians and skincare experts is expected to rise by 17% over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Esthetician employment is anticipated to grow at a much quicker rate than other occupations.

After you’ve completed your training and been certified, you’ll be able to look for work in a variety of locations. Chain spas and salons frequently have plenty of entry-level employment openings available. You may also find work as a dermatologist’s assistant, in a hotel or resort, or as a self-employed esthetician. As your client base expands, new jobs will undoubtedly arise.

If a career as an esthetician sounds right to you and taking advanced waxing courses is right for you, Nima is the perfect place to get the skills needed. Click here to read about our master esthetician program and esthetician schools near me.