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Jobs after medical esthetics school

Posted by Nima | September 16, 2021

Whether it’s working to promote healing of affected skin, or just helping a patient enjoy a renewed level of confidence after an appearance-changing injury or procedure, medical estheticians make a positive difference in the lives of the patients they work with. 

Often referred to as paramedical esthetics, medical esthetics incorporates a similar philosophy to that of traditional spa esthetics. One factor which makes medical esthetics unique is it’s performed on patients in a clinical setting. So how can you become a medical esthetician?

Medical estheticians are held to the same state licensing standards as spa estheticians. This means all estheticians, whether they work as medical estheticians or spa estheticians, are required to hold the same state-issued license. 

Becoming a medical esthetician typically follows a standard set of steps that involves getting the right kind of formal education and training, passing the exams necessary for state licensure, and pursuing advanced credentials through continuing education. Completing a formal esthetics program recognized by a national accrediting body is the typical route to initial licensure. It is critical that the program meets the minimum requirements, as determined by each state’s Board of Cosmetology and Esthetics. Esthetics programs introduce students to the art and science of skin analyses, disease identification, and the many techniques that are used to address different kinds of skin conditions. 

A few states (Washington State, Virginia, Utah, and Washington DC) have a two-tier esthetician licensing system that recognizes an advanced level of expertise through the “master esthetician” designation. NIMA Institute being one of the accredited esthetician schools to attend. 

Once you’ve graduated from medical esthetics school, it’s time to find a career you’re passionate about. If you’re looking to become an esthetician, there are ample career opportunities available. These include work as a skin care specialist, medical esthetician, and more.

As a medical esthetician, you can provide skincare in medical settings such as clinics, hospitals, or medical spas. Often the doctors you work with as medical estheticians are dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Interested in owning your own business, you can pursue a career in that too! Aside from creating a product to sell, you might also consider owning your own salon, spa, or another facility. You might choose to work on contract for various businesses, like the medical estheticians we spoke about above. The great thing about entrepreneurship is that the possibilities are endless! The more creative you are, the more opportunities you will see. 

Want to start your career as a medical esthetician? Yes? Then it’s time to explore your medical esthetics school options! Kick start your career with NIMA institute, visit the website to learn more about our programs today!