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Is the cost of CoolSculpting worth it?

Posted by Nima | October 8, 2020

If you have tried looking into CoolSculpting before, one thing becomes clear pretty quickly: it is not the cheapest option out there. The average price range is around $2,000-$4,000. So, it’s not exactly pocket change (at least, not for most of us), but it doesn’t completely break the bank either. That price tag does make many people hesitate. We get it. Those prices can be more than a little daunting to many of us. Which leads to several people asking if that price is even worth it. That is a question that we think is worth looking into. So, let’s talk about it. 

What even is CoolSculpting? 

Let’s start by defining CoolSculpting Utah just in case you are still a little unsure about what it is. Afterall, having a good understanding of a procedure like this can help you decide if the price is worth it. 

CoolSculpting is a weight loss treatment that is rather unique in its methods. That is, it gets rid of fat by freezing it. Sounds weird, right? Afterall, why do people engage in exercise like hot yoga if cold is how you get rid of fat? Well, there is a bit more to it than that. 

Fat freezes at a warmer temperature than the other cells surrounding it. This means that if you subject fat cells to that temperature for an extended period of time, the fat will die while the other cells are more-or-less untouched. When the body notice that those cells are dead, it gets rid of them (no need for something to take up space if its not doing anything). In this way, CoolSculpting gets rid of stubborn fat without causing damage to surrounding tissue. This is pretty different from other, more intrusive weight loss procedures like liposuction. With those, the surrounding cells and tissue get cut and need time to heal. With CoolSculpting there is no heal time required. 

In fact, that is one of the benefits and appeals of CoolSculpting. There is no need for downtime. After your treatment, you can just go back to your day. So, there is no need to take time off or disrupt your whole life for a few weeks. You can just get your treatments and head back to work or get other errands done.  

While we are talking about the treatments, let’s talk about what an average treatment is like. During a CoolSculpting session, you sit or lay in a comfy chair and a CoolSculpting technician places a protective pad on your target area. This pad is there as an added provision to make sure that your skin is completely protected from the cold. Then the technician places the CoolSculpting applicator on the target area and starts it. After that all you need to do is relax. You can read or nap during your session. Some people even use it as an opportunity to get some work done. Once the allotted amount of time has passed, the technician messages the target area to help break up the frozen cells and kick start the process that gets rid of the dead cells. After the session is over (which can last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the target area), you go back to your daily life. It’s that simple! 

Is it worth it? 

Well, that depends on you. You have to decide if the price is worth the results. And for the record, the results are pretty great.  

The fat goes away after two weeks to six moths (yes, that is a wide range of time, but you have to give the body time to process the dead cells). Once the fat is gone, it stays gone. If you gain weight back, it doesn’t focus in that problem area like it did before. Instead it shows up more evenly, spreading throughout your body. But this is not often even a problem, because most people are so thrilled with the results of their CoolSculpting that they make sure that they keep the weight off. 

One thing that may make some people hesitate to get CoolSculpting done is that they worry that the procedure is going to be unpleasant. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a worry. During the session you may experience some pressure and pinching, but the area quickly numbs, and those feelings go away. There may be a little bit of redness, bruising, or swelling after the treatment is done, but that also fades. So, CoolSculpting is not as scary as it may seem at first. 

You should know that there are some people who do not qualify for CoolSculpting. It is a treatment that is made for people who are oh-so-close to their target weight but can’t seem to lose that last fatty area or two. It is not made for people who have been diagnosed with obesity. It also shouldn’t be sought out by those who have Raynaud’s disease. 

If you’re thinking of getting CoolSculpting but are still not sure due to the price or other issues, reach out to us here at the NIMA Institute. We will set you up with a free consultation. There a CoolSculpting expert will go over any and every question or qualm you may have about CoolSculpting. They will also help you decide where your target areas are and how many sessions you will need. That will help determine the price. 

So, is CoolSculpting worth the price? Well, we certainly think so. Of course, we here at NIMA are going to be a little biased. Afterall, we are one of the top CoolSculpting providers in the country and the #1 provider in Utah. As you can see, we like CoolSculpting. We and our clients can attest to how great of a weight loss treatment it is. If you are still not convinced one way or another about whether or not CoolSculpting is for you, contact us, set up your free consultationAfter your consultation, you will be able to make a more informed decision about CoolSculpting. So, contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you!