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How does CoolSculpting work on the arms?

Posted by Nima | February 2, 2021

Dealing with flabby arms can be so frustrating as many of us know. But you don’t actually have to live with them now that CoolSculpting has come onto the scene. CoolSculpting is a new, innovative, non-intrusive way to get rid of those pockets of stubborn fat that no amount of dieting or toning exercises can seem to get rid of, like on the arms. But as with all new procedures, there are many questions surrounding CoolSculpting. This is understandable and those questions definitely should be asked. After all, it’s something that you’re doing to your body. You should have a good understanding of what it is. 


One of the biggest questions that comes up with CoolSculpting is how it works on the arms. So, let’s answer that question along with a few others, shall we? 


What happens to the arms during CoolSculpting? 

Let’s start with the main one: how does CoolSculpting work on the arms? 


The idea behind CoolSculpting is a pretty interesting one. Basically, it utilizes the fact that each kind of bodily cell has its own freezing; that point where it is so cold that it dies. For fat cells, that temperature is surprisingly warm. It’s much warmer than the freezing point of skin cells or muscle cells. This means that if you expose a part of the body to that temperature, the fat cells are likely to freeze and die, but the surrounding cells will stay pretty much untouched. Then the body eventually gets rid of those cells, causing that stubborn fat to go away forever. 


But how does it work on the arms? Well, it works on the arms in the same way that it works on every other part of the body; by freezing the fat in the area and eventually allowing the body to get rid of it. To help detail what to expect when you’re getting CoolSculpting done on your arms, let’s talk about what each CoolSculpting session is like. 


It starts with a CoolSculpting technician getting you prepped, this involves putting a protective pad on your target area (in this case, on your arm). CoolSculpting is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is considered to be very safe. The pad just helps ensure this safety. Once that’s in place, the technician will then put the CoolSculpting applicator in place and turn it on. It will stay on for a time that you and a CoolSculpting expert decide on during your free consultation (which we will talk more about in a moment). During this time, you can do whatever you feel like doing, as long as you stay in your chair. Some people read, others nap. When the CoolSculpting is happening, you may notice a slight tugging sensation or even some pinching. This is totally normal and will likely go away after a little while, as the area will likely go numb (also normal and temporary).  


Once the time is up, the technician will turn off the applicator, take it and the pad off and message the target area. This messaging is done to help start up the process that breaks down that frozen fat cells and gets rid of them. Then you’re done (at least, until your next session)! That’s the beauty of CoolSculpting. There is no recovery time or anything like that required. You can just leave the spa and get back to your life. Your body will just start to do its thing and get rid of the cells as soon as it gets the signal that they are dead. 


When you get CoolSculpting done on your arms, it is the same process as described above. The main difference is that because of how the pad and applicator need to sit on your arm, you may not be able to use both arms to read or scroll through your phone, since at least one will have the pad and applicator on it. But other than that, CoolSculpting works the same on the arms as it does anywhere else on the body. Which leads us to our next question. 


Where else can I get CoolSculpting done? 

While many people love CoolSculpting because it’s non-invasive and does have any downtime associated with it, others love it because it is versatile. You can get CoolSculpting done just about anywhere. Some of the more popular places are the stomach, the thighs, and the chin. While you can’t get it done any higher than the chin, that still leaves the rest of the body. Basically, if you can pinch the area and get a pinch full of fat, then you can get CoolSculpting done there. 


However, not everyone can get CoolSculpting done. There are some people that may experience some serious side effects if they get this treatment, and others that it just simply will not work on. For example, CoolSculpting will not work for you if you’ve been diagnosed with obesity. CoolSculpting is made to help get rid of those places with stubborn fat that just will not go away no matter how much dieting and exercising you do. It is for those who are so close to their target weight but need just that extra bit of help to get there. If you’re not sure about whether or not CoolSculpting is right for you, talk to your doctor. 


Once you do that, all you need to do is set up your free consultation. Here at the NIMA Institute, you can meet with one of our CoolSculpting experts who will go over what to expect from CoolSculpting with you. They will also go over whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure and how many sessions you may need. But if after that consultation you decide that you don’t want to do CoolSculpting, then there is no obligation. However, once you see what the process truly is and the kind of results you can expect, we think that you will ready to get that fat chilling. Call for a free consultation.