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Does CoolSculpting work on chins?

Posted by Nima | October 9, 2020

The double chin: the bane of pretty much everyone’s existence these days. How many times have you opened your phones camera, to find the front-facing camera showing you what feels like a multitude of chins? Everyone with a smartphone has done that at some point and it is not pleasant to say the least. And let’s not even start on trying to find a good angle for a picture that doesn’t showcase the chins. Are you tired of your “selfie angle” being way above your head? Well, CoolSculpting may be a solution to that.

There is a chance that you’ve heard of CoolSculpting before. But it’s just as likely that it has been in the context of getting rid of fat on the legs, stomach, or arms. So, could it work on something as tender as the area around the face? Could you get CoolSculpting done on your chin? Well, let’s talk about it together. But first, let’s start with defining CoolSculpting. 

Does CoolSculpting work at all? 

We know that CoolSculpting sounds a little far-fetched. Freezing fat sounds almost counterintuitive. Like you’re storing it for a later date. But it really does work. It is because every kind of cell has a freezing temperature that doesn’t just make it a little chilly, it actually kills it. Fat cells freeze at a much higher temperature than all of the other cells surrounding it, like skin and muscle cells. So, when your fat cells are exposed to that temperature, they freeze, die, and (eventually) are expelled from your body. Meanwhile, the surrounding cells are left virtually untouched. This is a stark contrast when compared to other weight loss procedures like liposuction, which is intrusive and causes damage to the surrounding cells. 

In fact, there is another very appealing difference between CoolSculpting and practically every other weight loss procedure: CoolSculpting does not require any downtime. Unlike other procedures, which can leave you laid up for a few days, after you CoolSculpting session, you can get right back to your life. How nice is that? No need to ask for time off, no need to completely upend your schedule. 

A typical CoolSculpting session is pretty simple. You go in, your CoolSculpting technician preps you by placing a pad that acts an added barrier between your skin and the applicator, then they set the applicator on the desired area, and set it to cool. During the session you can sit back and do whatever. Some people read, others nap, and the more ambitious CoolSculpting clients work on their phones or tablets. During your CoolSculpting session you may notice a bit of a tugging and/or a pinching. That is totally normal and will likely go away, because most people experience a temporary numbness in the desired area. Once the predetermined time (determined during your free consultation) has passed, the technician takes off the applicator and messages the desired area, which helps break up the frozen cells and speeds up getting the cells to go away. That’s all there is to it. Once it’s all done, you can get back to your busy life. 

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting is not magic, so you won’t see result immediately. You may not see any serious results for a few months. This is because the body needs time to process the fact that those fat cells are dead. Then it needs time to actually get rid of the cells. All-in-all this could take up to six months. Many people notice results faster, it just depends. The area of the CoolSculpting, the amount of fat in the area, and your general body type are all factors in how quickly the fat goes away.  

But here is the really cool part (pun only kind of intended): the fat stays away once it’s gone. You may gain weight again, but it is more likely to be more spread out instead of concentrated in that one spot like before. People are usually so excited about the results that they work hard to make sure that the fat stays off. So, that trouble area is not likely to trouble you anymore. 

Well, enough about the generals of CoolSculpting. Let’s get to what you came here for. Let’s talk about CoolSculpting your chin! 

How about on chins? 

The answer to this is easy enough: Yes, CoolSculpting Salt Lake City can be preformed on chins and with pretty great results!  

Most CoolSculpting applicators look like they would be too much for your chin. But they are not the only CoolSculpting applicators out there. We here at NIMA know that the chin is a common trouble spot for many people. So, we have a CoolSculpting applicator made for the chin. It’s shaped like a little cup, and you just hold it to your chin for the session. One of the benefits of doing CoolSculpting on your chin is that it is faster than pretty much every other area. Since the chin is so small the sessions don’t last as long and you are not likely to require as many as you may for some larger place, like your thighs. Because there are fewer cells to get rid of, you’ll probably see results much faster. 

Interested yet? Great! But before you can completely jump into CoolSculpting there are some things that you should know. CoolSculpting is made for those who are so close to their desired weight, but just can’t seem to reach it. It is not an option for those diagnosed with obesity. It should also not be sought out by those who have Raynaud’s disease or are very sensitive to the cold. If you are at all uncertain, talk with your doctor. They will be able to help you determine the safety of CoolSculpting for you. 

If you are ready to get started with CoolSculpting, please contact us here at NIMA. We will set you up with a free consultation where you and a CoolSculpting expert will determine your target areas, how many sessions you’ll need, and how long those sessions should be. You can contact us using the contact page on our website. It’s time you start loving your selfies.