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Does CoolSculpting Work? And Other Important Questions

Posted by Nima | September 12, 2020

Trying to lose weight is big task to take on, but many are able to find exercises that they enjoy and healthy foods that taste great. But some hit a wall not long after losing a fair amount. They find they are so close to their goal weight, but theres just a little bit of fat that keeps hanging around on their stomach, thighs, or arms that keeps them from actually meeting their goal. That can be so frustrating and incredibly dishearteningAfterall, you work so hard, but start to feel like you’re hitting a wall with that last little pocket of fat. However, there are some ways that you get rid of that stubborn fat. One of the biggest ones right now is CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting effects.

But, you may be thinking, does it even work? If so, how does it work? And how long do the results last? We’ll answer all of these questions and a few others. Soon you’ll understand why so many people have been turning to CoolSculpting to get rid of that last little bit of stubborn fat. 

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work? 

Let’s start out with a simple explanation of what CoolSculpting is.  

It is essentially freezing away fat cells. These cells freeze at much higher temperatures than other cells. This means that while one temperature won’t do much to muscle and skin cells, that same temperature freezes and effectively kills fat cells. So, CoolSculpting takes advantage of this to kill fat cells, but keep the surrounding tissue healthy.  

When the cells have been frozen, they do stick around for a little while. The body needs to process that they are dead and then expel them. So, don’t expect to see results immediately after your sessions. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for the cells to completely dissipate. After that brief period of time, the fat is gone, and you can feel more confident in your body.  

Every CoolSculpting session works pretty simply. The technician places a pad on the exposed area to help with comfort and protection. Then they set up the CoolSculpting applicator. You may experience some pressure and a cool sensation, but that goes away fairly quickly as the area numbs. After that, all you need to do is sit back and relax as the CoolSculpting applicator does its work. During your treatment you can work, read, nap, or do whatever you please. After the treatment is done you can get back to your day. There is no need for recovery or downtime, unlike many other weight loss treatments, like liposuction.  

One truly exciting aspect of CoolSculpting is that it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is because there have been many studies that have been conducted on the procedure. These studies have found CoolSculpting to be effective and safe for most people. There are not many other weight loss treatments that claim the same. This is exciting because you know that it means that you can go into your CoolSculpting treatments feeling confident in the procedure and knowing that there is very little to worry about. 

How many sessions of CoolSculpting does it take and how long do the effects last? 

This is not the easiest question to answer. This is because there are a bunch of different questions to answer to get to the exact number of sessions. Luckily, we here at NIMA have CoolSculpting experts who will sit down with you during your free consultation and go over it with you. Together you will determine the trouble areas, and how many sessions they will take. The sessions themselves can last anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour. But when you consider that there is no need for downtime between sessions, that isn’t too long. 

Of course, this is all well and fine. But you may be wondering, how long does it last? Afterall, who wants to sit through a bunch of sessions if it is only going to last a couple of months? Well, that is not actually a concern. In fact, this is one of the best parts of CoolSculpting; the results never go away. You may gain weight again, but if you do, it will be evenly distributed. It won’t just be focused in the area that you have just gotten CoolSculpted. While it the fat may return to that place, it won’t be quite as dense. However, many people are so thrilled with their results that they work to keep that weight off.  

It is good to know that CoolSculpting is not made for those who are obese. It is for those who have already been dieting and exercising and need help losing that little bit of extra weight. You also should not get CoolSculpting if you have cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria, or cold agglutinin. This treatment could have some serious side effects for those with these conditions. There are some side effects associated with the treatment. They usually along the lines of things like bruising, sensitivity, and some swelling. However, these side effects do fade over time. There have also been some rare reports of some experiencing paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (which basically means that the fat hardens instead dissipating). But as mentioned, this happens rarely and is always treatable. 

If you are interested in getting CoolSculpting done, NIMA is the perfect place. We have campuses in Utah, Nevada, and Washington. We are one of the biggest providers of CoolSculpting in the country, so you can be confident in our equipment and technicians. All you need to do is set up your free consultation to get started. As mentioned, our CoolSculpting experts will help you determine how many sessions you will need, and they will go over how all of the procedure will work every stop of the way. So, why not give us a call and set up your consultation today? You can reach us at (844) 899-6462 or through our contact page. Why wait to feel more comfortable with your body?