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CoolSculpting for arms and more

Posted by Nima | November 1, 2020

There is a pretty good chance you’ve heard of CoolSculpting before. But usually, it’s probably been in reference to the stomach. Most people like to get CoolSculpting to help get rid of that extra little pouch on their tummies, to help them have a flatter midriff. However, there are a lot more options with CoolSculpting than just your stomach, you can get it done on the chin, thighs, back, and of course, arms. Basically, anywhere that you can pinch a little bit of fat, you can get CoolSculpting done there. But how does this all work? Let’s talk about how CoolSculpting works and what to expect if you’re going to get it done on your arms. 

What is CoolSculpting? 

You have probably heard the basic description of CoolSculpting: freezing away fat. But let’s explain how exactly that works. 

Every cell in your body has a temperature where it freezes and dies. As it turns out, fat has a much warmer threshold for freezing than pretty much any other cell. Basically, this means that cold temperatures that skin and muscle cells can handle with no problem will kill fat cell. CoolSculpting utilizes this to your advantage. It is using that freezing temperature of fat to kill those cells but leave the surrounding cells untouched. This is pretty different from most other weight loss procedures, like liposuction. Other procedures are invasive and cause damage to surrounding cells. CoolSculpting treatments stay on the surface and don’t do much to any cells besides fat.  

The average CoolSculpting Utah session is pretty straightforward. It starts with a CoolSculpting technician placing a protective pad on or around the target area. While CoolSculpting is considered to be very safe, precautions like the pad are there to help ensure that there is no unexpected damage to your skin. Then the technician will put the CoolSculpting applicator in place. This applicator may look different depending on your target area. The applicator will stay in place for a predetermined period of time. During that time, you can do whatever you please. Many people read or nap. Some even get some work done on a tablet or phone. After the time is up, the technician will message the target area (this helps the frozen fat cells break up) and you can go on with your day. 

That last part is actually part of the reason why people love CoolSculpting so much. After your session is over that’s it. You don’t have to take any recovery time or downtime. You can go back to work, back to running errands, back to your life. While you may have several CoolSculpting sessions, each session will end with you being able to go back to whatever you please. 

You should note that it may be a little while before you will notice any effects from you CoolSculpting sessions. This is because the fat may be dead, but it doesn’t just magically go away. It takes time for your body to notice that the cells have died and take the steps to get rid of the dead, frozen cells. Depending on where your target area is, how much fat is there, and your general body type it may take anywhere from two weeks to two months for you to notice effects. If it’s been a little while since your last session and you haven’t noticed any changes, give it some more time. Bodies tend to run on their own time. 

Should I get it for my arms? 

This a question that you’ll have to answer for yourself. If you feel like you need CoolSculpting on your arms, make an appointment for a free consultation here at the NIMA Institute. Together you and one of our CoolSculpting experts will sit down, figure out if you’re eligible for CoolSculpting, if your arms are your target area, how many sessions it will take, and if there are any other target areas you may be interested in. During this consultation you may decide that CoolSculpting for your arms is exactly what you need, or you may decide that it’s not for you. Either way, this consultation is the best way to make an informed decision about the procedure. 

As mentioned, CoolSculpting could be done just about anywhere. The stomach is plenty common, as are arms. Many people choose to get CoolSculpting on their backs to help get rid of the dreaded bra-strap-bulge. It is also common to get CoolSculpting on your chin, to keep it to one chin instead of many chins. Others have preferred focusing on their thighs instead of their upper bodyThere isn’t many places that you can’t get Utah CoolSculpting done, so take your pick! 

It should be noted that CoolSculpting isn’t for everyone. The treatment is designed for those who are oh-so-close to their target weight, but need help getting rid of some of that stubborn fat. It is not made for those diagnosed with obesity. You also shouldn’t get CoolSculpting if you are extremely sensitive to the cold or if you have paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuriacryoglobulinemia, or any other similar condition. If you’re unsure if CoolSculpting is right for you, then you may want to talk to your doctor first. 

It should also be noted that during your session you may feel some odd sensations. They’re generally along the lines of things like pinching, tugging, and tingling. These are eventually followed by numbness in the target area. The numbness will fade not long after the session is done. After each session, you may also notice some side effects. These are very mild. They generally include redness, bruising, swelling, and sensitivity in the treated area. These do tend to go away not long after a little while.  

So, no matter where you choose to get your CoolSculpting done, it could help you get rid of that frustrating stubborn fat. After your CoolSculpting is done, having wings on your arms may be a thing of the past. Schedule your free consultation with one of our CoolSculpting experts todayThen you’ll be one step closer to loving a new you.