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Can you get CoolSculpting for love handles?

Posted by Nima | April 12, 2021

Love handles – that extra bit of fat that hangs around, just below your waistline and just above your hips on either side. While the name for them is sweet, there aren’t many of us who are thrilled to have them. They can make wearing anything that isn’t high-waisted a no-go. But the worst part about them? They never seem to go away. No matter how much dieting or how many crunches you may do, they are still there. But now that CoolSculpting has come into prominence, there may be a solution.

You may be hesitant because, let’s face it, CoolSculpting sounds too good to be true. But it really does work. You may also hesitate because the way that CoolSculpting is advertised, it seems like it is mainly for the limbs. Getting rid of flabby arms and thighs. But that doesn’t mean that CoolSculpting can’t work on love handles.

A quick explanation of CoolSculpting

Before we really jump into talk about CoolSculpting and love handles, it’s probably a good idea to go over what it is that makes CoolSculpting work.

Every kind of cells in the human body has a temperature that is its freezing point. When exposed to this temperature for too long, the cell will freeze and die. The interesting thing is that the freezing point varies from cell to cell. Some it only takes a little bit for them to freeze, others (like skin cells for example) can handle a lot more. Fat cells have one of the warmest temperatures for their freezing point. The temperature that kills them doesn’t really affect the cells around them. This is what CoolSculpting is based on. It’s the idea that if you expose fat cells to a particular temperature for long enough, it will kill the fat cells, but the other cells will be undamaged. So, when you get CoolSculpting done, the fat in the area that you choose will be exposed to that temperature for a certain period of time, killing the fat cells while leaving the skin and muscle alone.

It’s probably a good idea for us to explain just how a CoolSculpting session works, that way you know what to expect. Every CoolSculpting session begins with the prep. This mainly consists of the CoolSculpting technician getting everything ready and putting the protective pad into place on the desired area (generally called the target area). There’s no need to be alarmed by the idea of a protective pad. CoolSculpting is considered safe in general. However, it’s always a good idea of have an added layer of protection to help ensure that safety. Then the technician will put the actual CoolSculpting applicator in place on the target area and switch it on.

The applicator will run for a previously determined amount of time, generally spanning from 15 to 45 minutes. There are two things to know about the time that the applicator is running. One is that you may experience a pinching or a tugging feeling in the target area. This isn’t anything to be alarmed about. Those feelings are normal, and they will eventually fade as the area becomes numb (that numbness will also fade a little while after the session is over, it’s also not something to worry about). The other thing to know about this time is that you can do whatever you want. The only thing that is expected of you is that you stay seated in the CoolSculpting chair, so the applicator doesn’t move. But other than that, you can read, work, nap, or scroll through your phone. The time is yours.

Once the session is over, the technician will turn the applicator off and remove it and the pad. After that, they will message the target area, which breaks up the frozen cells and helps jump start the process that gets rid of the dead cells. Once all of that is done, you can go back to whatever else your day has in store. This is one of the major draws of CoolSculpting. There is no recovery time with this treatment. Once your session is over you can leave and go home, or to work, or to wherever. This is partially because, unlike most other weight loss treatments, CoolSculpting is not invasive, so there isn’t really anything to recover from.

Does CoolSculpting work for love handles?

So, now that we’ve covered how CoolSculpting works, let’s get into whether or not CoolSculpting works on love handles.

The short answer to this is, yes, CoolSculpting works just about anywhere, so it will definitely work on love handles. It will work basically anywhere (that isn’t your face) that you can get a pinch-full of fat. This means you can get it done on love handles, the stomach, the arms, the thighs, the chin, and the back. Just about anywhere that you may have unwanted fat.

However, when you are considering getting CoolSculpting done, there are a couple of things you should remember. One is that CoolSculpting doesn’t work on those who have been diagnosed with obesity. It is better for people who are just almost at the weight that they want to be but need some help. The other thing is that CoolSculpting can be unsafe for those who have conditions that make them extra sensitive to the cold. So, if you have a condition like that, you shouldn’t get CoolSculpting done.

If neither of the things list above describe you, then you should set up a consultation with us here at the NIMA Institute. This consultation is free of charge and obligation. During, you and one of our CoolSculpting technicians will got through what to expect from the treatment, what areas you may want to get treated, how long your sessions will last, and how many sessions you may need. Then after that, you’re good to go. You can either get started with your CoolSculpting or just let it go as a question answered. Either way, we hope you leave our facility feeling even better about yourself than before. What’s the price of CoolSculpting?