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Cool Sculpting Salt Lake City

Coolsculpting is a tried and true method of encouraging your body to rid itself of fat cells. The technology works by targeting particular areas of the body that suffer from stubborn fat, or pockets of fat that are difficult to get rid of despite proper diet and exercise. One of the most important notes of Cool Sculpting is that it does not entail a painful or invasive surgery. Utah Cool Sculpting, unlike many other forms of fat removal, is the only FDA-approved treatment for fat removal.

How Does Coolsculpting Utah Work?

What is cool sculpting and how does it work? Well, it really comes down to science and the simple reactions of fat cells to cold temperatures. Fat cells solidify and begin to freeze at a much higher temperature than the surrounding tissue and cells. This means that without damaging the surrounding area, fat can be appropriately and safely frozen. To a further extent, the vigorously tested methodology of cool sculpting allowed for more significant temperature control and cooling, allowing the process to reach fat cells that are further under the skin than other methods of fat removal.

As the treated fat cells become frozen, they die. Our bodies kick in and begin the natural process of removing dying cells over the course of one to three months. This eliminates these cells forever. Stop waiting and start looking into cool sculpting today!

Coolsculpting Salt Lake City Pricing and What Should I Expect?

How much does cool sculpting cost? Cool sculpting pricing varies from person to person. The price is dependent on many factors such as: how many sessions it is going to require, the areas you wish to target with cool sculpting, and your overarching goal. Despite the price, your needs, or your wants, we at NIMA will work hard with you to formulate a customized and achievable plan that works with exactly what you want to have happen.

Your customized plan, which we would have helped to create, will dictate not only how many sessions you require, but how long each one is going to be as well. This also varies depending on the set goal, targeting area, and how many areas are being treated at once. During the procedure, you can expect to feel an intense cold that quickly subsides. A lot of patients don’t feel anything after a little bit. Some sleep, read, or even get some work done during the process itself. Leading up to the process, there are absolutely no pills or supplements that are required before you can begin. Many people even begin to take better care of themselves once they see the results of cool sculpting.

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