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Las Vegas Coolsculpting Explained

What is coolsculpting? Coolsculpting is the simple process of freezing stubborn fat. Stubborn fat is often described as pockets of fat that an individual cannot get rid of despite proper diet and exercise. This can quickly become frustrating, as despite a person’s best efforts, they still cannot get rid of some fat in a particular area, or areas, of their body. This is where coolsculpting comes in. Coolsculpting specifically targets stubborn fat and freezes it, ridding the body of it forever. Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved fat removal method. This is because of its results and proven methodology.

In detail, though, how does coolsculpting work? Fat cells in our bodies freeze at a significantly higher temperature than the tissue and other cell types that surround it. Coolsculpting targets these areas and freezes the fat cells, while ensuring that the surrounding cells and tissue remain undamaged. Coolsculpting also has incredibly high temperature control, allowing for deep cooling in order to target fat that is deep under the skin. As these cells freeze, they are naturally going to die. This is when our bodies’ natural processes kick into action. From here, our bodies will naturally remove these dead cells from our bodies forever, treating them just like any other dead cell.

How Much Does Coolsculpting Las Vegas Cost?

Simply put, the price of coolsculpting is going to vary from person to person. There are a lot of things that are taken into consideration and that could affect the price. For example, price of the procedure is affected by: how many sessions you are going to require, which areas you are going to target, how many areas you wish to target at once, as well as your overall goal. No matter what, NIMA professionals will work with you in order to craft an entirely customized and achievable plan custom tailored just for you. After creating this plan, pricing can be determined and you can soon start your journey towards your new you.

What Should I Expect Before, During, and After Coolsculpting?

Before, there’s nothing special you need to do. No pills or supplements are required before your appointments. Simply work with NIMA professionals to create a masterplan for your treatment and sit back and relax.

Session length can vary. When creating your customized plan, the amount of sessions and the individual duration of each session will be determined. Much like pricing, this too is affected by which areas you wish to target, how many areas you wish to target at once, and your overall achievable goal for the process. During the treatments themselves, you may experience moderate discomfort and extreme cold, but for many patients this quickly subsides. A lot even resort to reading, working, or even taking a nap!

After your coolsculpting treatment, you can expect to see results in as early as three weeks! However, the most substantial results are usually visible after two months. Many patients are concerned with gaining weight after the treatment process and what is going to happen if they do. We find that many individuals end up taking better care of themselves after they have seen the results of their treatment. However, if you do happen to put on weight, then you may find that it is more evenly distributed across your body rather than in one spot of stubborn fat.

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