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What Is A Lash Lift? Everything You Need To Know About Them

Posted by Nima | August 2, 2022

Have you ever fantasized about having luscious, fluttery eyelashes without having to apply mascara? If so, you aren’t the only one. Lash lifts have surpassed mascara in popularity, according to a 2018 article in Business of Fashion. But what is a lash lift? What can you expect from a treatment like this?

In this blog, we will go over all things concerning the treatment after and the procedure.

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a natural, semi-permanent procedure that creates the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or additions. The natural lashes are enhanced from the root, giving them a lifted, extended look.

You won’t have to worry about clumpy mascara or irritating falsies with a lash lift. You’ll also wake up every morning with naturally long, thick lashes. Many people tint their own lashes a darker color to enhance the look. Consider it a perm for your eyelashes.

Ideally, the process should be quick and painless, allowing you to soon enjoy your lashes to your heart’s content.

“It will be just like you’ve woken up with your favorite mascara already on,” claims Lucy Roberts, aesthetician at False Eyelashes. 

How long does a lash lift last?

A lash lift isn’t permanent. After a few weeks, the results may be gone, and you may once again reach for the mascara. In general, this lasts around 4 to 6 weeks, although this can differ based on your lashes and the type of lash lift you choose. You might be able to extend the life of your lash lift by taking good care of them.

However, not all treatments are the same.

“How long your lash lift lasts is entirely dependent on how well you prepare and follow aftercare, as well as your natural lash growth cycle,” adds Roberts.

Do you want to know how long your lash lift will last? There are a few factors that influence the length of time your newly lifted lashes survive.

  • immediate aftercare
  • long-term lash care
  • how fast your lashes grow naturally
  • the type of treatment you get

Even though you take excellent care of your lashes, you may discover that your lash lift does not last as long as those who have had the same treatment. This might be because of how fast your natural lashes grow.

Immediate aftercare

Following a lash lift, what you do right away may have a significant impact on how long the treatment lasts. The treatment takes up to 48 hours to set, so keep the aesthetician’s instructions in mind.

“It’s critical to wait 48 hours after applying the lift before cleansing your eyes or putting on makeup,” says Alexis Parcells, a plastic surgeon and founder of SUNNIE. “Additionally, ask for a cleansing brush to keep the region free of irritants and dust.”

Long-term lash care

After the first 48 hours, there are a few things you can do to keep your lash lift for as long as possible.

The aesthetician should offer thorough instructions for caring for your lash lift in the weeks ahead, but here are a few broad pointers:

  • Waterproof mascara should not be used. Parcells recommends that a small amount of normal mascara is acceptable.
  • Using oils and numerous skin care products around the eye is not advised.
  • Eye masks and eyelash curlers are not recommended.
  • If you frequently rub your eyes, be aware of how often you do so and try to avoid it if at all possible.

Types of lash lift

Lashes can be lifted in a variety of ways. There are several distinct types of treatments accessible. You may anticipate a somewhat different shelf life with each one.

You may observe that your lashes stay luscious for six weeks or more after undergoing a keratin lash lift. After only six weeks, your lashes might return to normal with a length-volume-lift (LVL) treatment.

Yumi or keratin lash lift

A keratin treatment is used in a Yumi lash lift. Keratin is a protein that may be found naturally in hair and nails, giving them strength and suppleness.

“To lift the lash from base to tip, keratin lash lifts require the application of a semi-permanent curling solution,” Parcells explains. “Instead of using a wand, though, a silicone rod covered in keratin is employed to achieve the intended result.

Typically, the process takes about 8 minutes. A serum is then used to set the keratin in place. This might take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Length-volume-lift (LVL) lash lift

“The length-volume-lift (LVL) curl and volume lashes from the hair follicle root to tip,” says Parcells.

No keratin is used with this type of service. A wand is used to apply a lifting cream, a volume booster, and then a color instead. This treatment generally takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Parcells adds that some customers prefer to have a keratin treatment along with an LVL lash lift. “These procedures might be combined for a natural, wispy lash appearance frequently,” says Parcells.

At-home treatment

At-home kits are available from a few businesses, but most practitioners recommend that you see a beautician.

It may be challenging to work on oneself since your eyes should be closed throughout the treatment to ensure that it is effective. Furthermore, if you leave your treatment on for too long, you risk harming your eyelashes. This is a process best performed by licensed lash technicians.

How to prepare for a lash lift treatment

They are simple and quick procedures, so you won’t need to prepare much. Here are some pro recommendations:

  • Look for a reputable and experienced specialist.
  • Prior to the treatment, do a patch test.
  • On treatment day, don’t apply any cosmetics.
  • Remove contact lenses for comfort prior to the procedure, if you wish.
  • 24 hours before your appointment, avoid curling lashes.
  • Before your visit, avoid waterproof mascara for just 48 hours.

The first step is to locate a reputable and experienced lash lift expert. Look for a salon with a certificate of excellence or excellent ratings on Google or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Here is what to expect during the lash lift procedure

The goal of a lash lift is to make the appearance more appealing and natural. The procedure should be as painless as feasible, with little discomfort.

During the procedure:

  1. The aesthetician will separate your lower lashes from your upper lashes using a special tool.
  2. To produce a lifted, lengthened appearance, they’ll use serum or treatment to paint the lashes upward from the root onto a silicone rod.
  3. They may also add a volumizer and a color to the mix.
  4. The aesthetician will clean and brush your lashes at the end.

Overall, the procedure should take around 45 minutes. All you have to do is close your eyes.

Aftercare on lashes

To make sure your lash lift keeps looking good and lasts, don’t get your lashes wet for at least 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

After your lash lift, you should also avoid applying too many products to your eyes because this might negate the benefits of the treatment. Serums and conditioners may also be used by an aesthetician before your next lash lift to keep your lashes moisturized and strong.

Lash lift side effects

They are usually a safe procedure, but they should always be done by a professional. If the treatment is left on too long or incorrectly performed, you may end up with one that goes wrong. To put it another way, you might be saddled with uneven and ruffled lashes as a result of this procedure.

After getting a lash lift at a salon, one Reddit user had bent, tangled lashes as a result of the aesthetician applying the solution to the lashes twice in a row, over processing them. After the aesthetician apparently used the incorrect size of rod and left the solution on for too long, a Reddit user named rowdybeanjuice got lashes that were “over curled, going in different directions.”

In conclusion, it is critical to see a professional, experienced aesthetician as the effects of your lash lift will last at least a month.

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more? Browse the FAQs below.

Is this harmful to your lashes?

Lashes will not be damaged by this type of treatment. Even if you have one that goes slightly wrong, the impact of the treatment is only semi-permanent. The eyelashes on the outer edge of your eyes, which grow continuously, will never fall out or be lost permanently. Every 4 to 6 weeks, they naturally shed and regenerate.

How long does it last?

A lash lift lasts 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of  lift you choose and your post-operative care. You may discover that the effects linger for around 6 weeks in some circumstances.

How much does it cost?

This treatment can cost differently in every state and at each type of salon. On average, this type of procedure will set you back between $75 and $200 today.

What is the ideal form of lash lift?

It all comes down to personal preference. You may get a more natural, lifted appearance with a keratin lift, while an LVL lash lift will generally produce a thicker, more dramatic effect.


Lash lifts are a quick and easy method to enhance the length of your lashes. If you’re tired of applying mascara every day, this treatment can save you up to 6 weeks. Make sure to employ a knowledgeable, reputable expert for the operation to avoid any negative effects.

Learn how to do them

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