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Furthering your knowledge on Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Nima | March 10, 2023

With an esthetician license, you open the door to a variety of services you can provide at Utah spas, medical facilities and other locations. Without a doubt, one of the most popular services today is getting eyelash extensions. Women are increasingly choosing to get eyelash extensions for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering enrolling in an esthetician school, you might be curious about how the learning process works. Nima’s eyelash extension classes provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for success.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are glued onto your lash line, as opposed to hair extensions which are taped or sewn.

Have you ever worn false eyelashes that you purchase from a drugstore? Most False eyelashes come with a tube of lash adhesive that you use to apply the strip of lashes directly to your skin. However, the process of gluing in eyelash extensions is different.

The extension glue is stronger to ensure that the eyelash extensions lasts for weeks, while false eyelashes are only mean to last for hours. Furthermore, unlike false eyelashes that come as a strip, extensions are applied to the lashes individually.

What Are Eyelash Extensions Made Of?

There are many different types of eyelash extensions available on the market today. The most popular type is made from synthetic materials, but you can also find options made from silk or mink hair. Lashes made of silk or mink are less shiny and, therefore, more natural-looking than synthetic lashes. Many women who opt for eyelash extensions like the shiny look they give, which is more sophisticated than lashes with just makeup.

Mink eyelashes are more expensive than other types of fake lashes, like the kind made from synthetic materials. That’s because estheticians must perm them to give them a curled appearance. Mink lashes are made of real animal hair, so be considerate and ask your client in advance if they have any objections to using them.

If you want to make a bolder statement, go for silk lashes which are usually thicker and darker. They’re perfect for events such as weddings, graduations, proms or the holidays.

Eyelash Curl Styles

As an esthetician, you will need to have numerous lash styles available to satisfy your customers’ diverse desires. Eyelash extensions come in many lengths, widths, and curls to give you the perfect look. Different types of lash curls are available, and they are categorized by letters. For instance, J-curls have a natural shape, while B-curls are more dramatic. C-curls and CC-curls (which is similar to the former but with a slightly tighter curl) provide extra length but still look natural. D-curl lashes give your eyes a doeeyed appearance, whereas L+ curls achieve both lengthening and volumizing effects.

When you talk to the client about their expectations for eyelash extensions, this will help you choose which curl style will be best for them. For most clients, you will want to use a combination of curl styles at different points along the eyelid. For instance, you may want to use longer, thicker or curlier lashes at the center or outer corner of the lid.

Additionally, the shape of the client’s eyes and the type of natural lashes they have will impact the result, so you must take these into consideration as well. We cover all these subtopics in our eyelash extensions classes.

The Specifics of Eyelash Extensions

Some clients will be interested in a more dramatic look, while others want their eyelash extensions to appear more natural. However, something you will learn in eyelash extensions classes at Skin Science Institute is that it’s important to consider the client’s natural eyelashes before helping them choose the look they want.

When you are gluing the individual eyelash extensions to the clients existing lashes, you want the extension to be not more than 3 millimeters longer than their natural lashes. If the eyelash extensions are too thick or too long, they will feel heavy, and you may damage their natural lashes.

This is one reason it is important for people who want eyelash extensions to get them only from a licensed esthetician. While anyone can order eyelash extensions online and apply them to their own eyelashes or on others, they have not had the benefit of learning what we teach in eyelash extensions class.

You may read online that some people wonder if eyelash extensions are bad for you or if they can harm your natural lashes. The answer is that they can, if the procedure is not done properly. Eyelash extensions that are too heavy can tax the client’s natural lashes, causing them to break off or fall out. Besides this being upsetting for the client, they also will likely be unhappy that the extensions they paid for did not last very long.

When you become a licensed esthetician, do not let clients talk you into giving them more dramatic eyelash extensions than their natural eyelashes can handle. If they are able to talk someone else into it or get their eyelash extensions from an unlicensed practitioner, they will quickly see their mistake.

Eyelash Extension Safety

Perhaps one of the most crucial lessons you learn while studying to become an esthetician is how to maintain safety. One of the best ways to keep your clients safe is to sterilize your instruments. Bacteria can be very dangerous, so it’s important to take this extra step.

During your eyelash extension class, you will master how to sterilize all of your tools in an autoclave. After completing the class, you will be able to work on clients with peace of mind knowing that everything is sanitized and safe. If you don’t sterilize your tools, you could spread bacteria and viruses from one client to another, leading to infection.

This course will also teach you how to safely work with customers, using tools like tweezers and glue near their eyes. Going to an unlicensed practitioner for eyelash extensions could result in infection or accidents that impact your vision or even blind you.

Esthetician School in Utah

Are you interested in becoming an esthetician and learning how to apply eyelash extensions?Apply today at Nima.  We offer eyelash extensions classes, as well as courses in makeup artistry and microblading. We also have an esthetics program that will teach you how to work with clients on facials, hair removal and nail care treatments.