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Posted by Nima | September 2, 2015

“We were tasked with redesigning our operating model to ensure scalability in order to reach our billion-dollar goal,” she says. “Six of us worked with an executive team member and a subcommittee of our board of trustees. We worked for one year to develop a new model. It has been fulfilling to see some of the fruits of our labor already appearing.”

She has helped the organization stay on track with this goal and has also played a role in helping the business to have 30 percent revenue fundraising growth since 2011.

“All of our efforts are focused on saving and improving kids’ lives at our member children’s hospitals and it really can’t get much better. [I] see first-hand the result of communities supporting their children’s hospitals. It puts everything in perspective.”

Carrie Brinton 39
Chief Operating Officer/Founder, National Institute of Medical Aesthetics
President/Founder, Elase Inc.

Elase Inc., which offers aesthetic services, was hit particularly hard by the Great Recession. In order to meet the challenge with her business intact, Carrie Brinton helped pioneer a new business model. The company pivoted from selling big-ticket services to offering a membership that enables clients to pay a monthly fee. Since Elase launched the program in 2009, it has seen a 140 percent increase in sales and its sales conversion rate grew from 50 to 90 percent.

Five years ago, Brinton co-founded The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics, a training facility that now boasts more than 500 graduates. NIMA has already expanded to three out-of-state locations and is on track to hit a year-over-year revenue growth rate of 33 percent.

Brinton says she enjoys “taking a problem or an opportunity and breaking it into its parts and analyzing it from every angle. … I love to take a new idea and refine it over and over into something that our students and clients are going to love.”

“You have to be willing to follow somebody else’s vision sometimes—they may have more insight or they may really just need the opportunity to lead at that moment. You have to really want to make everybody on your team succeed, even more than you want yourself to succeed.”

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