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Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes?

Posted by Nima | October 10, 2022

Lash extensions sound like a utopia: a semi-permanent solution that allow your lashes to appear fluttery and fuller without applying any makeup? Yes, please. There are, however, several horror stories about individuals who have gotten these extensions and had their natural lashes destroyed. People side-eye the lash business and wonder if it’s true that false lashes damage your natural lashes.

The fact is that you don’t need to be concerned about whether or not lash extensions harm your lashes. Therefore, you must be cautious about the eyelash extension technician that you select. Contrary to popular belief, they will not damage your natural lashes. The short stubby lashes that you often see in pictures and are gaining notoriety? Inexperienced lash technicians often make mistakes during the application process, resulting in possible bumps along your lash line.

When you visit a licensed lash practitioner, you can be certain that lash extensions won’t harm your lashes. Lash technicians that are licensed have the training and experience to guarantee that you may get all of the advantages of them without harming your natural lashes.

Why Lash Extensions Don’t Ruin Your Eyelashes

Many people think eyelash extensions damage your real lashes, but that’s not the case. Extensions are glued to your existing lashes and will fall off when they reach the end of their cycle. Just like hair on our heads, eyelashes have growth cycles. Once they’ve reached a certain length, they’ll shed once they can’t get any longer. It’s also why we never have to trim our eyelashes since nature takes care of it for us.

Lash extensions are applied to one natural lash at a time. When your natural lashes fall out, so will your lash extensions. One of the first things that lash experts learn is how to care for your lashes while they’re developing. You can get this done without worrying about damaging your natural lashes, as long as they’re applied correctly.

3 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Eyelashes

Unfortunately, lash technicians may make errors that damage your natural lashes. These are the reasons why people claim eyelash extensions harm their eyelashes. Many lash technicians make these avoidable errors due to a lack of experience or inadequate training. A properly trained and licensed technician will know how to avoid making these mistakes and how to maintain the health of your natural lashes.

The Extensions Are Too Heavy For Your Natural Lashes

The lash extension process is different for everyone because we all have different thicknesses and lengths. If the extensions are too heavy, this can cause them to fall out prematurely and actually damage the natural growth cycle. The development of fuller lashes is dependent on your natural lashes, so lash extensions that are too thick for them can cause them to result in natural lash loss.

A skilled lash technician will work with you and your real lashes to develop a style that looks good for your face while also complimenting your natural lashes. They’ll figure out what your natural lashes can take, so that eyelash extensions just extend them without damaging them.

Lashes That Are Glued Together

When two or more lashes and/or extensions are linked together, this can harm your lashes since it is forcing them into a different growth pattern. When you have multiple lashes attached to an extension, and your natural lashes shed, they can pull out the other lashes that were attached to them, causing harm to the hair follicle. If you’re not careful, they can lead to breakage and damage of your natural lashes.

This is a typical problem with lash artists who are new to the job. A competent lash artist will make sure that one lash extension is attached to one natural hair in order to prevent damage and guarantee that you don’t have clumps of lashes or extensions gluing themselves together.

Lash Extensions Glued To The Skin

A common complaint about lash extensions is that they ruin your natural eyelashes. Oftentimes, this occurs because the person went to an inexperienced specialist who glued the false lashes to skin instead of the individuals’ actual lashes. This is never supposed to happen. These extensions should only be applied to your lashes, not your skin.

Why? The glue used can remove natural lashes that have just begun to grow, as well as clogging your hair follicle. Additionally, it may cause skin irritation and lead to further problems such as dermatitis.

Will Natural Lashes Grow Back?

If you’ve had the displeasure of visiting a lash expert who made a mistake during the lash extension process, your natural lashes will grow back on their own in time. In order to help your lashes grow back more quickly, you may also use Lash Growth Serums.

The Importance Of Seeing Professional Lash Technicians

In a nutshell, if you go to see an expert who applies lash extensions correctly, you won’t have to worry about damaging your eyelashes. These extensions give you a glamorous look that pulls your whole look together. When done correctly, this procedure will not damage your natural lashes. The professionals will meet with you, confirm the adhesive won’t upset your skin, and take precautions to use sterile equipment.

Many people return time and again to have their lashes filled without causing any harm to their natural lashes. Others returned for more extensions, which fell out after a while, indicating they had not suffered any damage.

At NIMA, we provide lash lifts to emphasize your lashes’ natural beauty. If you’re looking for something more dramatic, we also offer lash extension courses as part of our specialty courses. Lash extensions are applied with great care, and we take precautions to ensure that our students have the necessary skill. To discover more, contact us immediately!