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CoolSculpting: what is it and why is it popular?

November 04, 2020

Nowadays, there are so many different fads that relate to losing weight. Some are popular because they work, and others are popular because they are easy. We understand that losing weight is not an easy thing and sometimes you just cannot get rid of certain areas of fat. With all of the fad diets it is hard to know […]

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Freezing Fat 101

November 03, 2020

Are you ready for class? That’s right, welcome to freezing fat 101. Here at NIMA, we want our customers and future customers to understand the ins and outs of CoolSculpting or what most know as freezing fat. What is freezing fat? Does it hurt? Will I have to exercise heavily after my treatment? These are […]

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How will I know that CoolSculpting is working?

November 02, 2020

As with pretty much any procedure, there are a lot of questions surrounding CoolSculpting. It is not just understandable to have a lot of questions, it’s also smart. No one should just dive into something like a weight loss procedure without having a solid understanding of what they’re getting themselves into. So, asking questions like how to […]

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CoolSculpting for arms and more

November 01, 2020

There is a pretty good chance you’ve heard of CoolSculpting before. But usually, it’s probably been in reference to the stomach. Most people like to get CoolSculpting to help get rid of that extra little pouch on their tummies, to help them have a flatter midriff. However, there are a lot more options with CoolSculpting than […]

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Does CoolSculpting work on chins?

October 09, 2020

The double chin: the bane of pretty much everyone’s existence these days. How many times have you opened your phones camera, to find the front-facing camera showing you what feels like a multitude of chins? Everyone with a smartphone has done that at some point and it is not pleasant to say the least. And let’s […]

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Is the cost of CoolSculpting worth it?

October 08, 2020

If you have tried looking into CoolSculpting before, one thing becomes clear pretty quickly: it is not the cheapest option out there. The average price range is around $2,000-$4,000. So, it’s not exactly pocket change (at least, not for most of us), but it doesn’t completely break the bank either. That price tag does make many people hesitate. We get it. […]

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What is Freezing Fat?

October 07, 2020

Ugh, fat. That pesky thing that all of us have! Some have little, some have a bit more, and then there is the reason that you are reading this now. Whatever question you put in your browser; we are here to answer. Freezing fat? What is it? Does it truly work? How does it even work? And of […]

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Does CoolSculpting work? How?

October 06, 2020

There are so many different tips and tricks when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat. Some definitely work, others not so much. So, what about CoolSculpting? We hope that you have heard nothing but good about our beloved treatment. If not, we are here to set the record straight about what CoolSculpting is and […]

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